Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What happened in May (Tech Droolfest)

For the record, electronic thanks to Devin Workman who dropped in to the May wefcpug to give a quick description and part demo of the newly announced Euphonix range of FCP-friendly control surfaces.


links to their own pages.   We've been promised more, more, in a meeting later this year - we just had time to drool over the programmable/touch-screen keys on the MC Control panel.   What caught my eye was the use of their own (EuCon) control protocol over ethernet - promising tighter, more responsive controls.  This is a very welcome improvement to FCP's (and more importantly Soundtrack Pro's) use of motorised faders, with (we were promised) huge improvement in latency over Midi connections.

Nick brought in the pre-production Canon XF305 which he has been testing, and which prompted further drools from all.   More, much more on this too in future communications.

Our next is to be on Monday 14th June:  the usual last-minute emails and posting here will be sent...