Friday, February 29, 2008

March 08 meeting next Monday

Once again we're down amongst the plasticine people, with another meeting kindly hosted at Aardman Animation's World HQ on Gas Ferry Road. Meet up ready to roll at 7pm. That's Monday March 3rd in Bristol.

So far we have a piece from Richard bigging up LiveType, and he's promised to create a News ident before our very eyes, that will introduce YoursTruly (that's me, Phil, not an app) with a roundup of this month's mac-and-stuff news.

Couple more possibles, including (I hope) news of new sponsors and raffles - even a contest has been mooted.

Plus your questions and our answers, or vice versa.


Friday, February 01, 2008

1995 all over again

Or maybe a couple of years earlier than 1995. But, just like then, I sense the first breezes of a change in the air - as the invites to demos, product DVDs, glossy catalogues, all for the next generation of cameras / recorders thud through the letter box. Alas, no free samples on offer - but if anyone is offering....

What was happening then was the emerging acceptance of DV, starting with the VX1000, and then the DVCAM & DVCPro equipment. If we thought life was getting confusing then, what to make of this year's products? To pick up where we left off in October last, with Sony in the Blue corner, and Panasonic in the Red....

....continues at the next wefcpug meeting, BBC Bristol Monday next, 4th Feb, meet 630pm for 7pm kickoff. You could read and hear all about it in the next blog and podcast, but why wait a fortnight? Be there and be part of the argument! If you're intending to come, let Richard know via the wefcpug website.

PLUS Richard's latest take on plug-ins, comments on the Broadcast show in London, and mystery items. Maybe we'll even have the long-awaited update for Leopard?