Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How not to have an easy life if you're an animator

I've just been sent links to one of the latest, and smallest, projects that our good friends at Aardman have been up to.   The next time you've lost a clip somewhere in the bins, think about losing a character!

Presumably the animators had to be vetted for hay-fever, and better not start laughing while at work.

See it here
and there's even a mini 'Making of' which is worth 5 minutes of anyone's time here

Watch and wonder...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Better link for Factual Talks in Bristol

SWScreen have also put up a notification for the BBC Anchor sponsored talks, which start this week, one a month - this one has details of the complete run.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bristol-based talk on Factual programming - Wed Sept 15th first one

Greetings, faithful readers.  Events have conspired to keep me from keyboard and microphones for the Summer, but rest assured I'm back.  A new season for this blog, the podcast and other exciting developments is under preparation, but as an 'amuse bouche' here's a prod towards the first of a (roughly) monthly series of addresses to the faithful by (and I quote the organisers) 'industry insiders' who are inside Factual programming.

The series is based at the Watershed, at a work-friendly (if you work in Bristol Medialand) 6.30pm and is brought to us by the BBC Anchor project.  Free to attend, but you need to email for a ticket.

Visit this link )

for the Bristol Media notification, with helpful whizzy links to put it into your online calendars.

There is an overview of the series of talks, but I haven't found it on the web yet!   I think it must be an intitiative test.

I'll see you at the first one - but alas I'm blowing  my alto sax on subsequent dates.*

More, much more, to come in time.


* Addendum.  It has struck me that some might infer a cynical construction here, a counterpoise between the aforesaid learned 'industry insiders' blowing their own trumpets and myself blowing a saxophone.  Heaven forefend, and anyway such a trumpet would be metaphorical, whereas the saxophone is concrete.**


**Corrigendum.  Nor do I wish to imply that my saxophone is made of concrete, it is of conventional metallic formation.