Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bristol-based talk on Factual programming - Wed Sept 15th first one

Greetings, faithful readers.  Events have conspired to keep me from keyboard and microphones for the Summer, but rest assured I'm back.  A new season for this blog, the podcast and other exciting developments is under preparation, but as an 'amuse bouche' here's a prod towards the first of a (roughly) monthly series of addresses to the faithful by (and I quote the organisers) 'industry insiders' who are inside Factual programming.

The series is based at the Watershed, at a work-friendly (if you work in Bristol Medialand) 6.30pm and is brought to us by the BBC Anchor project.  Free to attend, but you need to email for a ticket.

Visit this link )

for the Bristol Media notification, with helpful whizzy links to put it into your online calendars.

There is an overview of the series of talks, but I haven't found it on the web yet!   I think it must be an intitiative test.

I'll see you at the first one - but alas I'm blowing  my alto sax on subsequent dates.*

More, much more, to come in time.


* Addendum.  It has struck me that some might infer a cynical construction here, a counterpoise between the aforesaid learned 'industry insiders' blowing their own trumpets and myself blowing a saxophone.  Heaven forefend, and anyway such a trumpet would be metaphorical, whereas the saxophone is concrete.**


**Corrigendum.  Nor do I wish to imply that my saxophone is made of concrete, it is of conventional metallic formation.