Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March meeting - Cat DV & metadata links

Cosy as we were in our new home even higher up in Whiteladies Road, wefcpug brains were as sharp as ever to spot that when John Donne wrote 'Song' in the 17th Century he had metadata in mind.

Links from Phil's discourse are: home of xml2text and other practical apps for handling XML for Traffic - the node-based editing app (ie looks like the Shake interface) is where to find the (slightly dated) Apple view on XML and FCP

Kevin Duggan showed off Cat DV - Ken Bell's company Quad Logic are the local source for that - and thanks to Kevin and Ken for organising the demo on Monday night.

Thanks to all who came, and asked such intelligent questions. Even more thanks to those who came and gave intelligent answers. We do it all over again on Monday April 16th - and don't forget there'll be a free raffle on that and following meetings. With luck and a following wind, there'll be another 'Out Of Vision' wefcpod podcast in the intervening time, to help you while away the Easter holiday.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's on March 12th?

Yet another thrill-packed meeting awaits us in the once delayed but much anticipated March meeting of wefcpug. Usual place & time (7pm, BBC Whiteladies Rd, backdoor entrance - names to Richard beforehand please to help security).

In a rash moment, whilst committing the last 'Stump the Guru' to disc for the podcast, I volunteered to make the subject of metadata a compelling and entertaining 10 minutes (I know, you'll be the judge of that).

Richard will be taking us through 'Wordlogger' - a logging program
and (I think) Kevin will reprise his demo of CatDV - pure AV delight.

Stump the Gurus but no questions about BLTs please and 'Show n Tell' - bring your masterpieces along (if they're short and portable).

PLUS some news about coming benefits for members
AND some new faces in the crowd. They're on the email list, they know the time and place and all that remains is to teach them the secret handshakes.

See you on Monday next.

Monday, March 05, 2007

March meeting moved on a week

Despite all you may have read in the blog and heard on the podcast, the March meeting has had to be be postponed a week - so we're now reconvening on Monday 12th at 7pm at the Beeb in Bristol.

You should know this already because you're on Richard's email list - if not, write to me at the address in the top intro!