Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just in - exclusive to the wefcpod

Despite all manner of technical hassles (such as Mr Horton's unfamiliarity with our complicated European mobile phones, and an unwillingness by Soundtrack Pro to deliver a final mix - of which more anon) there's a new podcast on the block, 10 minutes about what's coming in the Supermeet from the Men who Know: Mike Horton and Dan Berube, co-organisers and hosts.

Speaking from their chauffeur-driven limo, Mike and Dan took time out from perusing the London streets (at 5 mph) to giving wefcpug members an exclusive preview. Hear it before the other podcasts (if there are any) get in on the act!

And click on the ad above this post to find out more about the Supermeet. See you there!
(It's still £23,000 of raffle prizes btw)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Boss is coming to the UK

Hi all

Normal service isn't quite resumed after a couple of busy weeks, but here's a quick reminder in case you've forgotten what's coming...

Walter Murch at the Supermeet in London on Thursday.

I hope to grab the boss, Mike Horton, as soon as he touches down in London England for a special 'wefcpod' preview later this week. We're working on getting the circuits ready in time.

In the meantime, and if you haven't booked your tickets, hurry on down to


The vital statistics: £15 entry, fewer than 80 tickets left (as of Sunday) and £23,000 worth of raffle prizes to be won (and counting, Mike says).

Let's face it, Springsteen won't be giving away raffle prizes at Glasto next weekend.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Anyone remember the BBC VT coffee cup?

Way back in the Middle Ages of TV, when VTR meant proper big expensive machines, there was a running gag in the Christmas specials, based on the VT coffee cup moving around the world in 80 cuts - I'm sure it's out there on YouTube somewhere.

The gag lives on across the pond: here's how the NBC 'Tonight' show has moved from the reign of HM Jay Leno I to HM Conor O'Brien. (This a big deal over there). It's worth watching just for the scale of ambition,

If the Embed doesn't work (I've found it temperamental) the html page link is here

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

As demonstrated at the wefcpug

Never mind the front panel, nor whether the leds are blue or red (though WE know the difference now) - here's the business end of the Matrox MXO2 mini, which Darren and Donald from Matrox were kind enough to bring along and demonstrate last night.

All the details of this box to be found here

In super-simple terms, it's the must-have box for any of us working in HD either with FCP in the field, or with HDMI-equipped cameras (eg the Sony Z7) who need to monitor on site or offer SD outputs to existing equipment.

And that was only part one from Matrox - they'll be back next month, and it'll be personal - more new product to demo, the secret of the red LED to come, and a raffle prize too. Keep reading here for more details.

If you can't wait until July to know more from Matrox, there'll be another chance at the FCP Supermeet in London. See the banner ad at the top for details.

As seen on wefcpug ..2

Here's the link for the BBC-hosted video lauding 'Editor of the Year' Bill McKenna (as judged by the White House News Photographers Association. Exhausting, isn't it?

And the poor chap has to work on a park bench some of the time. Those cutbacks are going deeper. Long-term wefcpug blog readers will be, I am sure, reminded of the BBC editor who was forced to work on the tube. (as reported here). Good to see our licence fees aren't being wasted.

No prizes, naturally, for spotting the laptop or edit software. But what are those big things in cardboard boxes stored on shelves that he feeds into a machine. Some sort of pizza?

As seen on wefcpug ..1

Here's a link to the YouTube video that didn't stream beyond 30" in the 3G blackspot that is otherwise known as BBC Bristol. Thanks to Hugo for pointing it out in the first place, and to the excellent HD for Indies site who were first to put it about. If (unlike last night) your broadband supports it, there's an HD feed available - click on the HD button, needless to say.

Read more HD for Indies here