Tuesday, June 02, 2009

As demonstrated at the wefcpug

Never mind the front panel, nor whether the leds are blue or red (though WE know the difference now) - here's the business end of the Matrox MXO2 mini, which Darren and Donald from Matrox were kind enough to bring along and demonstrate last night.

All the details of this box to be found here

In super-simple terms, it's the must-have box for any of us working in HD either with FCP in the field, or with HDMI-equipped cameras (eg the Sony Z7) who need to monitor on site or offer SD outputs to existing equipment.

And that was only part one from Matrox - they'll be back next month, and it'll be personal - more new product to demo, the secret of the red LED to come, and a raffle prize too. Keep reading here for more details.

If you can't wait until July to know more from Matrox, there'll be another chance at the FCP Supermeet in London. See the banner ad at the top for details.