Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February meeting reminder

Next week sees the 2nd meet this year for wefcpug, same place (Granada Bristol), same time (7pm), but following requests we're moving to MONDAY. That's Monday, ( the day after Sunday ), Feb 6th.

Slated to appear are Simon with a show'n'tell involving Filters and cunning manipulations
Phil with a show'n'tell involving Filters and not-so-cunning manipulations
Richard with nothing to do with Filters. No, I lied, it's a variation on a theme of travelling mattes, which count as filters.
Plus...stump the gurus. If we have any gurus.
Software offers of the month,
and for this month only: Anyone going to VideoForum - prearrange your social life.

If you can, let Phil know you're coming so I can pre-warn the guys at the door.
And did I say it's on Monday, not Tuesday.