Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The June meeting

A surprisingly full and varied agenda last night, ranging from a preview of Avid's Media Composter, sorry Composer, 5, to Richard's demo of Vuvuzela* removal at a stroke (almost), taking in the Circle of Fifths on the way.

If you missed any of that - well it's gone, sorry.   Sometimes the Web just can't replace being there on the night.

Our (FCP shortcut) letters of the month were B G and T - careful Richard, you're going to use them all up soon.

Coming next month:   the Council of Elders have met and decreed a Variation to the Wefcpug rules, and the next meeting will be the First Monday of July - July 5th.   Think of it as Independence Day + 1.

We'll be setting up the design for this year's most-desired accessory (after the Vuvuzela), which will be the official wefcpug membership card.   Details to come.

In the meantime - welcome to the 100+ extra readers steered to this blog yesterday by the BBC's Internet Blog.  In your honour I've repainted the walls.   Further redesign will follow.

And do take a look at the newly fashioned wefcpug website - wefcpug.org.uk - and especially at the right hand column, where Richard is lovingly embedding links to YOUR WORK.   If he knows where to find it.

Which reminds me - I may have been dreaming, but I swear the majority of those present last night agreed that we should have an online film (filmette) tournament - go on, let's do it.


*I checked on Wikipedia, so it must be true, the note of the much loved Vuvuzela is Bb - which, give or take an octave or so, is the C of the Tenor (and Soprano) saxophone.   I'm still weighing the significance of this little known fact.