Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great minds think...differently

(You may want to argue about the great minds too).

Following our learned discourse on Monday night, on the desirability or otherwise of Vuvuzuelas, Nick reports a hot link to work done in the Centre for Digital Music, at QMC London - they helpfully include an audio plug in (not sure if it's AU or VST) to filter out the massed Vuvus.

By a strange coincidence, I've just spent/wasted half an hour generating the sound of massed Vuvus in Garageband, with the ultimate aim of hearing what the National Anthem would sound like.   (If you could play more than the off-tuned Bb which QMC confirm is the note).  

Annoyingly, no-one has yet produced a SoundFont of the Vuvuzela (I wait to be corrected), and it is unbelievably complicated (I remind myself) but possible to add extra synths and vocoders to Garageband.   I am rapidly climbing the learning curve on .sf2 files, aka Soundfonts, plug-ins and components.   I've even managed to find a way to output Midi....But, as Sherlock Holmes put it, the world is not ready for the end results, I fear.  Think Kazoos.

(The original aim was to produce an electronic version of an un-tempered keyboard, but I got sidetracked from this grander project).