Saturday, May 08, 2010

May 2010 wefcpug - the declaration of results

Members and blog-followers, I, as returning officer for the constituency of wefcpug, do hereby announce the following topics were elected as part of Monday's running order....sorry, been working late nights and early mornings this week

The ink is dry on this month's menu, and it's an unmissable night for anyone who wants more faders to fade, more knobs to twiddle, or to put it another way, it'll appeal to the control-freaks inside us all.

Our new best friend, the very nice Devin Workman of Euphonix will be with us to demo the latest range of controllers and control surfaces from said company, whose newly-developed compatibility with FCStudio was much trumpeted a year or so back. 

Alas, no euphonia (or euphoniums) will be on demo, as I originally thought Richard's phone message said, so brass band night will have to be postponed for a month or so.

There'll be more to see and hear, if we get time - it's going to be a great night.
See you on Monday then!