Friday, November 06, 2009

Nov 09 meeting - Monday next (9th)

A reminder that our next meeting is at the BBC in Bristol on Monday next. A slight change of venue - we're up in the small conference room in the main block - and it's a 7.30pm kickoff. You may, of course, wish to meet up in the bar beforehand!

Nick Wilcox-Brown is talking about monitor calibration, starting from his experience as a professional stills photographer, but now moving into video colour science too. He'll be demonstrating his gizmo of choice, and we may even get two monitors to match without too much trickery. Then again.

There's also at least two raffles, one of which I'm struggling to understand. So no change there either.

Plus as ever, what you bring to the party...please email me (phil_at_brightfilament_dot_co_dot_uk) this time to get onto the list for security, if you haven't done so already. But don't leave it until Monday afternoon, 'cos I'll probably be offline then.