Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Next wefcpug / RTS joint meeting Dec 8th

The next wefcpug meeting is a 'must-see' for anyone interested in camerawork and photography. It's a meeting held in association with the Bristol Centre of the Royal Television Society, who are very kindly providing a glass of wine and a mince-pie (but only if you arrive early - I think this will be a sellout!).

Here's the official announcement: it's an open RTS meeting, though we'll happily sign up anyone who wants to be a member during the break. I'll be blogging more about this in the coming weeks. Please pass this info on... Alan is a great bloke, with a brain the size of a planet and a rare knack for explaining and enthusing.

Things we forgot we knew.

As television moves into the high definition age, each year (though sometimes it seems like each month) brings new models from the camera manufacturers, promising better quality and higher levels of technical sophistication.

But the job a camera does is, at heart, the same as in the first days of stills and movie photography: to capture and convey images of the real world, tailored to human senses, and deliver at the best quality - within the limits of the technology available.

Some things have certainly not changed: a racing car photograph taken in 1912 shows the same problem as the latest High Definition video cameras. Many of the lessons learned, the compromises made, by the early movie industry are in danger of being forgotten. What can we learn by taking a fresh look at the basic challenges of image-making?

One of the world’s leading experts on TV imaging, Alan Roberts, is talking to the Bristol Centre of the Royal Television Society, in a meeting open to all. Alan is known throughout the worldwide industry as the man behind the ‘BBC settings’ for HD cameras, and has recently conducted a much appreciated set of technical briefings at the IBC in Amsterdam. As a consultant on the ‘DVDoctor’ website, he’s gained a reputation as the plain-speaking voice of the practical engineer, cutting through the jargon and manufacturers’ hype. He’s the author of a new book on the subject ‘Circles of Confusion’.

Join Alan Roberts at the RTS Bristol Centre's December meeting on Tuesday 8th December, 7.30pm at the BBC, Whiteladies Rd. (Night entrance at the rear of the site)