Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Minefields and Homeric Nods

I've just been watching the BBC 'Click' programmes essential guide to setting up your TV. Well, someone has to.
Admittedly, the webpage says that it's a minefield, and alas they set one off. So what does it say on the middle column of connectors in the screen grab? Y Pr Pb, I believe. Or 'Component' as we might say in the trade. I'm afraid 'Click' falls into the infamous AppleTV trick of confusing this with RGB. Yes, they may be red, green and blue connectors, but RGB it ain't (which isn't what the confusing commentary says at this point in the clip, muddying the waters with the horrible SCART connector for good measure).

See how not to do it here. So don't believe everything you see on the telly. Whereas, in band rehearsals (as I know from long experience) confident but wrong is a Good Thing, here it's a Bad Thing.

Yes, I did write to the Clickerati first, but I'm confident my email got filed in the green ink bin. Maybe this blogging will show up in their feedback.