Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Links from November meet

I hope that the sound of applause is still ringing in Nick's ears after last night's presentation on Colour profiling, which should have been subtitled 'and why we need it'. (And, for me certainly, how come I knew so little about what is going to be one of the hot topics for us all in the HD age now dawning).

A more considered write-up from me in the future, but as promised here are the quick links from Nick and his recommended setups:

the calibrators he was demonstrating are from the eyeone (which now seems to be spelt i1) range by x-rite . For prices you need to google eyeone, I've found.

Nick's preferred settings for video/TV compatibility are

Colour temp 6500Kelvin / D65
Luminance 120 cd/m
Gamma 2.2

The pdf he talked about is called 'The Language of Colour' - it was written for Canon and published in 2004/5. He informs me that, though the cameras have been replaced, the basic information is still relevant and applicable to whatever make you have.

The download is here. I've just had a sneak preview and recommend it highly.

Extra! Nick's own website is here. Visit and be amazed.