Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You heard it here first

Score one to Ned Soltz then, since one of his pre-NAB predictions in the podcast has come to pass already. Apple announced the newest MacPro lineup over the weekend with a choice of 8 or 4 processor cores inside the box. 8 processors? They're multiplying quicker than blades on a razor. There's plenty more to hear in the podcast, with episode three now available for free download via the iTunes Music Store - see the side panel for details.

Time to mark up your diaries for next week's thrilling live meet - wefcpug gathers again Monday next, 16th April, at the BBC Whiteladies Rd, 6.45pm for a prompt 7pm start. Entrance as usual via the back door, names to Richard please for the guys at security to have you 'on the list'. And on the agenda we have Richard's promised 'First things First' look back at the basics of keyframing in FCP, reports on NAB from sources various, (we have agents posted), latest news and rumours, 'Stump the Guru' and (you never know) a Show 'n Tell. PLUS our exciting free raffle, the prize being a Larry Jordan DVD on 'Soundtrack Pro'.