Thursday, April 19, 2007

What you missed on Monday

A pretty full house at the April wefcpug witnessed our best efforts to set up the circuit to our NAB correspondents, alas in vain because they were unavailable in person. At least the technology worked, and I have a firm promise to make amends via the next podcast - soon as I hear from them, I'll wrap it up and put it on the website. In the meantime, we had a thorough looking over what-we-know about FCP6, or FCS2, which has raised some interesting issues for all!

That aside, we marvelled at Richard's heartfelt soliloquy on what keyframing means to him, with a PIP before our very eyes. We didn't come to a firm conclusion on a neat way to solve the 'picture in picture with a border' problem - maybe because there aren't any neat ways, just annoying layered work-rounds with nests.

A link you may want to follow:

Google Desktop for Mac is now released, link here
It's for OS 10.4+ users only - as I mentioned on the night, there are a couple of issues you might want to take into account: initial indexing takes a long time, and the install gives the programs 'root' privileges. It is (of course, being Google) beta software. First impressions from me (Phil) is that it's very good at what it does - find emails, web pages in history, and files - and especially good if you're a Gmail user. Indexing did take a while, and broadband is essential, but on my MBPro it didn't slow the rest of the system down over much. More news over the coming weeks, if I hit snags.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of our first raffle, who took away the Larry Jordan 'Soundtrack Pro' tutorial DVD. Next time it's the 'Audio filters' DVD - if I can remember how to work the raffle again. And next time is SOON - because of the bank holiday it's TUESDAY May 8th. Special Guest is Martin Baker, of Digital Heaven, in person.