Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Podcast 3 now available

It's a small-scale version of the World Service on the latest 'Out Of Vision'. I've scoured continents to bring interviews to your iPod. First off, a look back at the Video Forum exhibition held in London earlier this year, with a round-up of technologies to watch in the coming year - maybe we'll get some of them into a wefcpug meeting.

From Dallas, Texas, indie producer, tech guru and all round nice guy Ned Soltz files his first despatch as our US correspondent. He's looking forward to NAB later this month, and offers some words of advice for anyone 'lucky' enough to be attending.

Fresh from a day's filming of Vervet monkeys*, James Bickersteth of Icon Films talks down the line from Durban, South Africa, about their current experiences of tapeless shooting, logging, P2 cards and all that.

All of this in one show? Twenty minutes of techtalk to while away a short lunch or a long render break. If you haven't subscribed via iTunes (button on the right hand bar of this blog) your Mac won't have downloaded the show yet. Otherwise it all runs by itself. Website for xml feeds is http://wefcpod.podbus.com

For the first couple of weeks it's even in stereo, folks!


*My only disappointment is that, when I was lining up with James for the down-the-line recording, I misheard him and thought they were filming Velvet monkeys - hints of Johnny Vegas and the ITV digital Monkey. Now that would be even more watchable.