Thursday, April 19, 2007

The podcast that gets results from the BBC

A mere couple of podcasts (which is a blink of the eye in Internet time) and the BBC is shifting ground over the iPlayer's Mac compatibility. You will possibly remember my remarks about the public consultation - according to reports reaching me, BBC future media supremo Ashley Highfield has admitted that making this so is a priority. As reported in Media Guardian:

The BBC is working with Apple to ensure its iPlayer video download service is compatible with Macs, as part of moves to make its content available as widely as possible on digital media.

Ashley Highfield, the BBC future media director, said making the iPlayer compatible with Apple software was a priority in a keynote speech entitled "Distribute or die" at the MipTV conference in Cannes today.

Mr Highfield said offering download services for different bandwidth speeds and in different player formats was not enough.

"Although [Apple's] proprietary and closed framework for digital rights management gives us headaches, it is one of our top priorities to re-engineer our proposed BBC iPlayer service to work on Macs," he told the conference.

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