Monday, July 23, 2012

Following the Trail 4

I'm still following the Gurney Slade film unit, 52 years later, through the wonder of google streetview

 Now for a more difficult piece of detective work.   In one scene, there's a pub in the background which looked familiar.  On other frames of the movie, it's just about possible to make out the name 'The Blenheim'.  After a bit of google magic, it emerges that the pub is now called the Cafe Med, it's turned into a wine bar, but here it still is

If you click on the link, you'll see 'The Blenheim' still in large letters at the top.  And, surprise surprise, it's at the corner of Loudoun Rd.  Just a mile from the previous location!

One other result to share.   I wondered where the studios (remember the 'ATV Lighting Dept') were.  According to the excellent website, it must have been either the old Wood Green Empire, or the Hackney Empire.   My money is on Wood Green, thanks to the story told on the page  about tracking the camera.   One quibble:  the tale quoted names the camera (an Arri 16BL) as one of the first blimped (silenced - ish) cameras used in TV.   But, and I hate to spoil a good story, the picture quality seemed unlikely to have been 16mm original - and my quick research backs up my hunch that the 16BL didn't come along until the mid 1960's.   As with all good research papers, this investigation concludes that more research is necessary!

Not bad for an hour's work from the office chair, though?

The DVD is highly recommended, available online from the usual suspects.   There are some hidden gems in the extras too, including a facsimile of the original script, and the music score.