Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The X files (the truth is out there somewhere)...

The marketing disaster that is 'New FCP' versus 'FCP Classic'...new readers can catch up here
It's the best summary of the state we're in that I've come across.

To precis:  David Pogue of the NYT stepped into water too deep for comfort, his follow-up article contains more gen from Apple than anywhere else regarding the future, and how they'll get out of the mess they're in.   Richard Harrington has blogged comments on the issues from our point of view (us being the pro editors and onetime customers!) - plenty of detail and a good place to go hunting links.

In particular, it may be prudent to download the FCP (Pro-Apps) updater files in case you find yourself with just the FCP DVDs you bought and for some reason they're not supported online any more.  The current link is here

Also don't miss the Conan edit crew's take on all this (if you haven't seen this viral yet).  The blog link didn't work for me, it's also here courtesy of msnbc.   (Bit of an irony there).

Me, I'm still working through the ripple tutorial videos,  trying to decode the Avid and Premiere product descriptions and tackling a much harder conversion course:  adapting my (Eb alto sax) mouth, fingers and brain to the (Bb) clarinet.   It's week 2 in the house and there are tears of joy when I realise that half the fingering (above the break to the upper register) I KNOW ALREADY.   Yes, I know, too much detail, sorry about that.   There are some neat and (for Apple) uncomfortable parallels to be drawn here.   Like the universal interchangeability of a music score,  the retention of muscle memory.  To be continued.

Another historic parallel:  see wikipedia for the tale of New Coke and always remember that Coca-Cola came back stronger than ever in the market when they recanted...