Friday, June 03, 2011

Next meeting - next Monday - June 6th

As you might recall, way back at the last meeting, in the heady aftermath of so many public holidays, we confirmed June 6th to be our next chance to come to terms with Change.

Or not, as the case may be, as we while away the days to this year's launches and upgrades.   Plans are still being finalised, we may or may not have a visiting demo:  but movies are still there to be seen, problems to be solved.   Bring along your share of either to the BBC Bristol Club, Monday June 6th, 7pm:  the usual injunction please to let Richard (see sidepanel for email contact) know you're coming.

In other news:
congratulations to Richard for actually winning the uke shootout.  See here for details.

And in music news:
Phil has just started to blow on a clarinet (it's a straighter, shorter version of his familiar alto sax) and it's doing his head in.  It's like moving from one edit system to another - but all the keys (subtle wordplay here) have been shifted along the keyboard, everything is a little bit smaller,  and the notes may look the same but they're different pitches.   So it's going really well.   (Please read the following sentence in a cod Geordie accent:  Day Two in the House and it's F, B flat and E flat).