Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A diversion from the X factor

I'm doing a lot of screen surfing just now - all information pipes that relate to FCP, editing, Apple are bursting at the seams.   Just like 1999.

Amongst it all, hidden in a Macworld article about the BBC's data handling for its websites is this gem:

"In the past 3 years we've moved the to a dynamic 3 tier, largely php, java and mySQL stack fronted by software loadbalancers called the Platform," Van Gulik explained. "This Linux based system is hosted at two datacentres. It makes use of a lot of Key Value stores, for example NoSQL products like CouchDB. Clever use of message queues; lots of efficient automated build chich is mostly based on maven, automated test (e.g. hudson), simple fast caches (varnish), lots of snmo and some solid Zenoss monitoring, novel log file handling using an fully internal system called teleport and so on."

I'm not sure we can promise lots of snmo or even build chich at the next meeting, but we'll give it a go.