Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update, update, read all about it

'Pro Apps Update 2007-2' has appeared in this morning's software update window - this is Applespeak for the next point upgrade to Final Cut Studio, with some 300MB+ of updated software to download.

There are .2 versions of FCP, Compressor, Motion, DVDSP, Color, Cinema Tools, STrack Pro - the works, in other words.

First off, FCP 6.0.2 is now Leopard compatible (though - hint of caution - the first point upgrade to Leopard is probably due any day now).

The Apple doc here has the full details. Apart from Leopard compatibility, and a whole load of more video standards to work with (XDCAM, AVC-Intra and other various timecode/frame rate combinations), the main headlines for me are:

- 'lost render' bug squashed (mostly). Closing and re-opening a sequence should no longer cause previously rendered material to require a re-render.

- new feature:

New Playhead-Centered Zooming Commands in the Timeline

Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 includes three commands for playhead-centered zooming and navigation in the Timeline:

  • Zoom In on Playhead in Timeline: Keeps the Timeline playhead centered while zooming in (regardless of the selection in the Timeline).
  • Zoom Out on Playhead in Timeline: Keeps the Timeline playhead centered while zooming out (regardless of the selection in the Timeline).
  • Scroll to Playhead: Horizontally scrolls the Timeline so that the playhead is centered in the window.

These commands can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts using the Keyboard Layout window (choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Customize).

Final note of caution - projects opened & saved in 6.0.2 format won't open in 6.0.1 (or of course earlier versions).

Nearly forgot - there's a .11 upgrade to Tiger (aka Mac 10.4.11) for those keeping clear of the Leopard for the moment.