Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gone Missing in Leopard

The spots on the Leopard?? It's the little things that take time... updates from the Leopard front line, as promised.

On the whole I'm (still) pleased with Leopard, which seems more stable on this particular MacBook Pro (an early dual 1.8): there have been a couple of freezes on my wifi connection, but to date, for the most part, it seems the system copes better with misbehaving apps or routines (or whatever is messing up).

But I've found - or rather not found - a couple of little touches that have gone missing from previous versions, both of which were rather useful. To save you the time that I spent trying to find things that aren't there, here's the current list:

Desktop clock - it's no longer possible to have a big, translucent clock on the desktop, that option has gone from the Date/Time settings.

Bluetooth support in Address Book: this is really annoying. Previously it was possible to pair with a mobile through Bluetooth, so incoming call information came on screen and SMS texts could be sent from the Mac. Both have gone, as has the ability to text through Skype from the Address Book (maybe this will reinstall with a reinstallation of Skype). The only snag with sending the SMS was the lack of any feedback, so you were never really sure it had actually been delivered to the phone, but the advantage of texting from the keyboard (for this touch-typist, anyway) overweighed the disadvantage.

So, two more requests for the .1 update!

Further to the previous posting - as Ian mentioned at the meeting, there's a free Flip4Mac update for Leopard compatibility.