Thursday, December 06, 2007

The last wefcpug of 2007

Yes, it's wefcpug phil with the blog reminder of our final meeting of the year, back in the BBC bar on Monday next (10th Dec): 7pm kickoff. Notre vieux ami Richard has been detained by Cupertino agents in Paris this week to have his brain updated to version 6.1 and he's bursting with enthusiasm for Soundtrack Pro. I'll remind him he was going to talk about when I find my notes (or read the wefcpug website).

It's been quiet on this channel for the last fortnight, pressure of work I'm afraid. It's all been in aid of tonight's RTS West of England awards, in the luxurious Marriott Royal in prestigious downtown Bristol. Look carefully in the background of any local news footage of (their own) winners tomorrow and you might see yours truly lurking by the floor camera (wearing the classic combination of dinner jacket, headphones and clipboard). To any readers who are in for an award tonight, good luck! And if you win, the drinks are on you.