Monday, September 05, 2011

Today's meeting - open software, closed formats, open minds? FCP X and Lightworks

Another reminder that 'today' in the title refers to Monday 5th Sept 2011 - kickoff for the new season. We've had a couple of months, and by no means has the dust settled, but it's time for the wefcpug to form our own opinions of FCP X. See the capabilities (and missing features) and judge for yourself at tonight's meeting, when Phil (with nothing up his sleeves, and aided only by a MacPro) runs the app through some of its paces in a live demo. (If there's electricity, a room, and a monitor!). But that's not all. Before your very eyes, the same MacPro will transform itself into a Lightworks edit station, using the magic of BootCamp, Windows7 (and the benefit of a week's hacking the setup until it ran). Why put yourself through all the pain of reading other people's reviews - come and make up your own minds. In what will probably be the first of a long series run..... 7pm onwards, BBC Bristol, meet in the club: in you're not yet on the list for security email phil before 4pm today.