Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another piece in the puzzle (that is FCP X)

Or do I mean the puzzle wrapped in the enigma?  Our friends in the West have announced the first update to FCP X to (I quote) make it 'even more flexible, powerful, and compatible'.   Compatible with what, exactly, and let's face it, that is a pretty low starting level to build from.   But let us not be churlish:  XML export and import are promised, with the beginnings of ways to tag audio files so they'll fit into good old tracks in an audio mixing app (like Soundtrack Pro??).   Well, churlish for a little longer - these are such obvious requirements, and there were rumours about hooks for them with the first release, that the initial 10.0 launch looks more and more of a botched job.

Smiling happy faces now:  the announcement is here but currently the update hasn't appeared in the app store (Tuesday, 1635 Bristol time).

I have been hearing dark tales about problems with the autosave (aka 'save') in FCP X deciding not to - more details welcomed.   Leave them in the usual dead-letter drop, I'll find them.   (That's what comes of seeing Tinker, Tailor and Spooks on the same day.)