Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small fingers required

The perplexing iMovie app for iPhone has been joined by another app for those with small fingers - now you can edit/compress/upload to Vimeo using their own app.  OK, it's editing Jim, but not quite as we know it:  one step up from editing in camera (and there's lots to be said for that).  But just as it's theoretically possible to write your next Great Novel on an iPhone/iPad, now you can make the movie too without ever needing a desk.
All (some of) the details over here with a cute vimeo video of it all in action.   Note the link is to the blog in general, there's no permalink available - so if you're reading this in Christmas 2011 you'll have to do your own search of the Vimeo site.   Also there on the apps store.   Our favourite price, too.
So who's going to volunteer to cover Monday's DSLR fest then???