Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Next meeting - DSLRs for cinematography - April 4th 2011

DSLRs for cinematography
A film-makers' workshop

Exciting new breakthrough in capturing the moving image, or just a passing fad that's being hyped by equipment suppliers?  The use of digital stills cameras (notably the Canon D5 range) to film high quality moving images at (relatively) low cost is raising interest around the world.  It's technically possible - the last season's finale episode of 'House' in the US was filmed this way - but how practicable is it for you and the programmes you make?  How, for instance, is the sound recorded?

Join a panel of film-makers and suppliers in an informal workshop on DSLR cinematography, held in association with the Bristol-based wefcpug (Final Cut User group).  Organised with the help of Canon UK and Pink Noise in Bristol, this will be a mixture of hands-on demos and presentations.  We'll hear from those already using these techniques for drama and documentaries, and gather comments from expert trainers.

We'll try to follow the process through from image capture to editing and final delivery - join us for a leap into one digital future of TV.

Monday April 4th, BBC Bristol 7pm onwards.

This could well be a packed meeting.  We're in the conference centre at the BBC (thanks to the RTS) but it's first come first served.   Make sure of a place by contacting Richard in the usual way!!