Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wefcpug headlines Oct 2010

Here's the easily digested version of what's been going on - with future dates to note:

- the Oct wefcpug saw me demo a workflow for a compound-shot music piece, shot in a chroma-key studio, recorded via a Matrox mini and composited/assembled using multi-clips in FCP.   More detailed write-up to come when I get clearances for the pictures.

- we also saw for the first time the (beta) direct recording app for the Matrox mx, known as Vetura recorder.   (More news on this when my noisy and disfunctional MBPro fan is replaced!)

- next wefcpug is on Tuesday, 2nd Nov.  Richard will be talking TK transfers in the HD age.  Note this date breaks our usual pattern of second (or first) Mondays.

Other diary dates:

- don't forget today's (Oct19) RTS public meeting, with Danielle Nagler of BBC HD.  Also on the bill, a late addition, is Ian Potts, Exec Prod at BBC HD, who's one of the people deciding tech specs for HD on the BBC.  Details previously in this column.

- Nov 9th sees the next in the Bristol Anchor series of talks.   This time it's film producer Jan Harlan, who was EP on Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and many other, talking about music as a dramatic and scripting tool...