Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's the day

The new wefcpug season kicks off today, Monday 11th Oct.  Taking our cue from the success of  'Avatar', all our presenters will be in 3D, and surround sound (provided they move around a bit).

We're back in the usual room behind the club at BBC Bristol - contact Richard in the usual manner to get your names on the list.   7pm kickoff, gathering beforehand if you can to help get the gear set up.

On the bill tonight - 'Matrox Reloaded' - using the mxO2 in a studio context, direct capture to disc (exciting new development to be announced) and multi-layer chroma-keying.  With music and dancing girls - what more do you want?   There's stuff about IBC and Soundtrack from Richard plus whatever problems have been stored up over the summer.