Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Diary dates for March - BBC Anchor sets sail

So much to do, so much to write up - as all who attended this month's wefcpug will know, it'll be a big report when it comes out.  (Watch this space).

But before your diary fills up, make a visit to the 'New Tools, New Ways of Working' page on the Bristol Media site, which is here.   There's to be a 3-day series of presentations, either at the Beeb or at the Watershed, on subjects close to our collective heart.  Entry is free, but you do need to book in advance by following the links on their cover page (which is hosted by Bristol Media).   That'll push you through to the appropriate page, from which you'll receive an emailed e-ticket.   Note that you have to print this ticket (and its barcode) out to get into the sessions.  Though someone might like to try displaying it on an iPhone?

If you can navigate your way through the crowded page (more icons than the average backdrop to a football interview) the current picks of your scribe are the Blue Room (gadgets to play with!), Practical HD (OK, so as opposed to what, Impractical HD? Don't be cynical), and a session on Thursday night when Roly Keating talks about digital archives (that's at the Watershed).

See you at some of them?