Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Changes of plan

I knew I'd have to pay for taking time off at Christmas - been too busy to blog, Bah humbug. 
In other news I read that my namesake from Punxsutawney reckons there'll be another 6 weeks of winter to come.  (See here if the above mystifies you).  So, given the bad vibes, we've put off the February meeting.   Well, not quite.   Neither R nor I can make next week's 'traditional' second Monday, but there is a large exhibition in London the following week.  Contact Richard to co-ordinate diaries.   (I'll be some many miles away, sorry).
And to continue the tradition of abandoning tradition, we've had to move the March meeting date, but it's forward this time, to March 1st.  Pencilled in so far is a demo / review of a new app for managing those video assets currently clogging your disks, Frameline 47.  You can download a time-limited demo here and we are being promised a special introductory discount for members.   Possibly even a licence for the raffle.  Plus we'll be adding our own uninformed comments about iPads and the future of media.  And much much more.