Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First reports from last night

What a night! was the overwhelming reaction to the November 08 wefcpug meeting last night. Our biggest ever raffle, more demos of plug-ins and effects than you could shake a (memory) stick at, and a cracking presentation from Peter Wiggins, FCP editor of renown and software developer at idustrial revolution.

And it's not over.

Peter was kind enough to spare the time late last night (after his presentation, and after he had spoken with his adoring fans and autographed the presentation programmes. OK I made the last bit up), to speak into the 'Out of Vision' microphone, and so there'll be more to hear from him on the next podcast. I hope this will hit the iTunes music store by the end of the week - you'll hear here first!

Also to come: when I've got them all, and verified them (ie my spelling) I'll be posting links for the many and various good items that were mentioned last night. But in response to audience requests, here's one I can vouch for.

The FREE pan and tilt plug-in, from Noise Industries (one of our group sponsors) is available NOW for download at their website. Here.

The download link takes you to the FREE FXFactory download, as demo'd last night by yours truly. After the event, Peter spoke to me about the pan&tilt plug-in and it's one of his recommendations too. I was going to say he spoke in glowing terms, but that's much too poor a pun.

More, much more, here later in the week, and also a plea. If you are one of last night's MANY lucky winners, please email comments and reviews for this blog. Share the good fortune, share the knowledge!

- Update
Peter Wiggins mentioned a 3D timeline generator, more details straight from the developers at Beedocuments