Monday, November 17, 2008

December meeting - special guest

If you thought last month's was a packed meeting, wait until you hear about the next one - we intend to see out 2008 with style! We've got another special guest, we've got new hardware to play with, we've got another big prize in the world-famous wefcpug raffle. OK, I made up the world-famous, but we got a prize, we got a raffle!

What we will have are solutions to problems that most of us are about to meet in the move to shooting and editing in High Definition:
- how do you monitor picture quality, especially on location?
- how do you import and export HD footage, especially with MacBook Pro - can you import?
- what possibilities are there to cross-convert? In real time?
- what about this alphabet soup of P2, SxS, XDCAM, HDMI, SDI, 422 ?

Our guest is Darren Godwin of Matrox digital solutions, and he's going to be demonstrating his company's latest version product to do all the above, and make the coffee. It's called the MXO2, and it's certainly making waves.

He'll be talking about the new features (soon to be announced officially), he'll be talking file-based workflows, we'll have a portable HD shoot 'n edit station there before our very eyes.
Now that's surely enough to bring you out on a December evening?

Oh, and I nearly forgot, there's an MXO2 up as first prize. And a special discount for anyone who's there and places an order before end of year.

Better sign up early to guarantee your place - we may well have to close the doors to latecomers on this one - email Richard as usual.

Crew call is: 630pm for 7pm Monday 1st December, BBC Bristol. Rear security gate.