Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When Larry came to town - Feb's meeting

All those who were there will agree that was quite some night last week, when Larry Jordan visited the wefcpug. The BBC's Pete Lawrence did the warm-up act, Larry gave what turned out to be a lively and stimulating presentation on 'Livetype' (and, to be honest, who'd have thought ANYONE could make an interesting 40 minutes of that!), our very own Oscar Stringer demo'd 'I Can Animate' and Larry joined the 'Stump the Guru'. We didn't stump him, of course.

Links for this month:

Larry's website

I Can Animate

A fuller report on 'Out Of Vision - the wefcpod' Episode 2, when I get time to put it together. Should be later this week. This month's edition will include a substantial chunk of the 'Stump the Guru', exclusive post-match interviews with Larry and with Oscar, plus news and views, if I have any. In the meantime, here's some more of Richard's gallery.

Pete Lawrence's standup routine

Larry counts up the attendees

Oscar adjusts Prospero's hat