Friday, February 02, 2007

Out Of Vision - the wefcpod

'Out Of Vision' episode 1 is now available for downloading. The previous post, slightly revised today (2nd Feb) contains technical details if you're not sure about downloading a podcast.
The web address for the downloads (which is an RSS feed, compatible with iTunes Music Store and browsers such as Safari) is

What's in episode 1, and further links:

  • US FCP guru Larry Jordan speaks about his forthcoming Seminar series here in the UK, in an exclusive interview. To book places on the seminars, visit Larry's website . Larry's coming to the next wefcpug meeting - wefcpug members can receive a special discount on the ticket prices.
  • Pete Lawrence, from the BBC in Bristol, talks in another exclusive interview about the progress made in the last 12 months and future plans, as the BBC adopts FCP within its digital programme making strategy.

  • A chance to hear sample tracks from local composer Claudio Ahler's new album of production music 'Dreams of the Delta', distributed by Boost Music.
    Links for : Claudio's Website, Boost Music.