Monday, March 13, 2006

Meeting today - March 13th

Have we got a show for you tonight!

As in:

Um, have we got a show for you tonight?

Well, actually, yes we have. In fact, we're brimming over with exciting things to talk about and miraculous images to show.

For a start, I'll be guiding Tessa through authoring her very first DVD with a Final Cut timeline as her starting point! (And a DVD to take home at the end!)

And then somebody asked Phil "how do you do Chromakey?" We reveal all!

And that's just for starters!

So please come along, bring your worries and your cares and your work in progress and settle down for a natter of weFCPug-ers! (That's the collective noun I've just made up for us!)

Usual place, Granada TV, Whiteladies Road, Bristol at 7.00 pm.

See you there - with your showreels