Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Welcome to the wefcpug blog

So this is it, our new home on the web (provided it works and until we get bored with it).
News about forthcoming wefcpug meetings will appear here, together with links, points arising, reports and whatever news we come across. As you'll have noticed, because it's a blog (and until I get round to tinkering with the code) postings will be dated, though that's probably a good thing. And, of course...comments. Provided you're on the wefcpug list, feel free to add useful comments to the posts. Writing is restricted to members, to avoid us filling with spam - but reading is free to all across the world. {Bear that in mind when you comment!} In theory you can edit your own comments too - I haven't got that far into this system to check it out. Nor have I got round to filling in the front page yet (hence the 'edit here' tags!).
Last but not least, there's an RSS feed of this blog. I haven't got round to putting the XML icon onto the page, so it's a manual job for the moment - you have to paste the atom feed, which is into your newsreader of choice.
I recommend NewsFire, to be found at or of course your browser may display RSS feeds as bookmarks (Safari and Firefox do).