Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coming up - a quick update for Nov/Dec 2012

There will be one of our 'informal' wefcpug meets NEXT WEEK, being Monday Nov 5th.  OK, so it'll be pretty hard to tell the difference from a formal meeting, but there is one, believe me.  We've brought it forward (from its unscheduled date) to leave a decent gap for the December meet, which will be on December 3rd, and we're planning a big one then.

So for wefcpug, the fireworks are on hold until December - but make your way through the traditional smoke, flashes and bangs next Monday and we'll see you at the usual place, usual time.   BBC Bristol, the usual let us know beforehand blah blah blah.

Content.  You want to know about content?   Whole lotta upgrades gone out this last month, in the FCP world and beyond....quick looks in November, the full monty in December.

Writeups and newslines will be along in a day or so, scribe has been otherwise engaged.