Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lightworks - the countdown begins

Some time back, I reported on the Lightworks beta project, and even gave a demo on the dual-boot MacPro I brought to a wefcpug meeting.   Since then, not a lot has happened, as far as the outside world was told:   I began to wonder if the app would ever move out of beta stage to the promised freemium/pro upgrade version.

I need wonder no longer.   According to the Lightworks beta site, there'll be news on May 28th:

On 28th May 2012, Lightworks comes back to the future

It’s time to take Lightworks to the next stage in its evolution. Starting with the Windows release on 28th May 2012, over the next year we will rock the world of video editing, because never before has such power been available for so little cost - and on so many platforms (Lightworks for Linux and OS X are Works In Progress).
For the first time, you’ll be able to download the Free and Pro versions of Lightworks for Windows, which have been completely re-engineered to run on modern, multicore hardware. You’ll be able to use the same software that Hollywood editors use to craft films like The King’s Speech and Hugo.
That's when the beta site goes offline, to be replaced by lwks.com

Following on from the Avid Symphony crossgrade offer, and the launch of Adobe's latest Creative Suite, NLE apps are beginning to arrive like buses.   (And I haven't even mentioned the FCP X incremental upgrades).