Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tech show in Bristol 22nd March

There's still time to register (and why wouldn't there be - it's a trade show, they want your business!) for the latest tech show to hit our part of the world.   Following gigs in Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff, the 'looklistenexperience' circus opens for one day only at Ashton Gate stadium on the outskirts of town.   The show is put together by dealers/renters Visual Impact and mag/commercial website tv-bay so the kit will be topical and relevant to all budgets, especially the high ones.   There's a seminar programme too - details and online registration (for free) at

It's on the 22nd of March, that's tomorrow as I write.  Had I not been struck down with the flu, more notice would have been given.   See that - two subjunctives, one of which the pluperfect conditional?  I must be recovering.

Presently, let me add:  if your scribe is out of his fever ward, he'll see you there!