Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Worst Nightmare in Post?

It's a wrap, the final 'cut' has been called.  If you're old school (and forgetful) you might shout 'check the gate' (of the film camera, for any slivers of celluloid that are lodged in there).   Otherwise you box and label the tape (still old school) or, heart in mouth, eject the chip and backup/store safely.
Assuming all that has happened, what can possibly go wrong?
Imagine you've taped an exclusive interview with the boss of Apple (at the time, the ex-boss) but your base is across the pond:  and some time in the next few days the master tapes become missing air-freight.

That's what happened, way back, to the production team of 'Triumph of the Nerds'.   At the time, they got on with the material they had - but some 20 years later, the VHS copies have been dusted off.   Read what happened next (with satisfyingly technical sidelines) here and then here.

PS  Paul, if you're reading this, my lips are sealed :-)