Thursday, April 07, 2011

The truth about Salford

One (amongst many) irritations in the news coverage of the Beeb's move to Salford has a light shone upon it today in a piece in the Manchester Guardian.   (I know, I just write that to annoy).
Read about it here

Apart from the writer's perceptive comment that
Salford has never lacked creative talent. This is the city that produced Ben Kingsley and Christopher Eccleston, Tony Wilson and Shelagh Delaney, the Ting Tings and Happy Mondays,
(which puzzlingly fails to mention me), the comments below the piece online give a hint of the tough choices that people are facing.

To add a personal perspective (what else are blogs for?):
I was born in Manchester, grew up in Salford (actually in Eccles, to be even more pedantic) and, like all Salfordians, wish to preserve the distinction between the twin cities.   Alas, my campaign to echo the Minneapolis-St Paul concept (even the initial letters match) has not yet borne fruit, but I remain hopeful.  I well remember the 'Nations & Regions' conference held in the Lowry centre at which Tony Wilson campaigned for a significant BBC presence (he was talking of a channel) in Manchester - and was somewhat patronised by the audience for walking into fantasy.
I wish the Beeb folk at the Media City well, obviously, but not without reservations.   For a start, I'll quite miss that horrible 60's block that is 'New' Broadcasting House, Manchester.   Nor am I a fan of the modern mega-blocks that the BBC now inhabits - Media City has the look of a sterile environment, and the PR about how exciting it'll be smacks of hysteria to me.   What is it about the BBC that's driving it to the waterside in all its office moves?  Glasgow - check, Birmingham - check (canals, admittedly), Salford - surrounded on 3 sides by the stuff.

A hint here for Bristol?