Thursday, October 08, 2009

Year 6 kicks off

Yes, we made it to the sunny uplands of our sixth glorious year with a birthday inaugural meeting at the most comfortable and well equipped venue we've ever know - the preview cinema at Aardman in Bristol, to whom many thanks.

As the picture evidence shows, the audience were (mostly) able to keep awake despite the comfy chairs.

Following extensive discussions with our new technical advisor (see above) Phil (he's the one on the left) and Richard (on the right) are pleased to announce the next meeting, business as usual at the BBC club-room on the BBC site in Whiteladies Rd, Bristol.

That'll be Monday next, 12th October - meet at 7pm in the bar. I'll be demo'ing a new (to me) plugin that so impressed me I bought it, plus a review of umpteen new ways of syncing your macs for free (thought that'd get you interested). And who knows, if we ask nicely, the Chippenham Mac Fan-boy might reprise his recent Amsterdam presentation? Plus loads more of your problems solved. Quite Possibly.