Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February meeting - Monday next (9th)

The next meeting is a chance to get upclose with file-based workflows. Our special guests are Stuart and Ollie from Visual Impact Bristol, who are bringing a Sony EX-3 camera along. With their help, we'll go through the process from capture to output - and of course there'll be plenty of opportunity for informal discussions with them about the hows and whys of hiring gear.

You've heard of 'theatre in the round' - well this will be 'post-production in the round' - not sure yet how we're going to manage it. Shades of 'how many editors does it take to...'

Plus a couple of others segments we're still working on, they may even work.
And 'stump the gurus'.

Usual time, 7pm at BBC Bristol (back door) - we're trying for the big comfy conference room - and usual plea to email Richard if you're planning to come, so that you're On the List.