Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Notes from Jan 09

This is the blog equivalent of blowing down the big Alpine Horn then:

Yes, a reminder to all who were present, in body if not in spirit, that we decided to switch meetings to second Mondays in the month. Back to tradition, then.

So the next date to circle / highlight is Monday Feb 10th. Or in the conventional calendar, that's Feb 9th. Thanks to Nick for pointing this out.

Quick links from me:

> the ever-so-clever BBC iPlayer app for the Apple TV is called Boxee (not Beebox as I said last night, which was something altogether different). To make it work you have to 'modify' the AppleTV too, which is an adventure in itself. Boxee is found here. There's a good introduction on the wikipedia entry here. As I mentioned last night, the boxee support for iPlayer (on XBox as well as other platforms) is thought to be a Good Thing by BBC insider bloggers, but they issue a caution about changes in iPlayer to come which might break it temporarily. This I interpret (in my usual 2+2=5 fashion) to be an oblique hint about Dirac adoption for iPlayer rather than the alpha nature of the Boxee app.

> read down a couple of posts to find out more about the iPlayer on the Mac platform

> and finally, this month's free software is Dropbox, cloud storage and syncing across pcs, mac, unix, etc. 2GB of storage for free from the Amazon/S3 folk. The web interface works well on iTouch/iPhone too. Register or read all about it here.

Watch this space for news of upcoming events and resumption of raffles.


PS Thanks to my friend Quentin who was first (amongst several) to point me in the direction of Dropbox. Now why did so many people think I'd be interested in freebie software?