Thursday, September 18, 2008

even less formal meet next Monday

Let's call it a 'networking session' then. Time and energy were too short to put a formal presentation together about IBC (we do have day-jobs, sometimes ). OK, I know - since when did we do formal presentations, but you know what I mean. Which is to say we may adjust the chat/drink ratio (CDR) slightly next Monday, but hopefully by then we'll have remembered something about IBC and the world FCP Supermeet.

If you were at either, come add your perspective. Hear the story of the 500 chairs, and how we nearly gatecrashed the 'wrong' conference, with hilarious results. At least, that's how the listings magazines would put it.

Usual form: BBC Bristol, back door, 7pm, get your name on the list via Richard. Monday next, 22nd Sept.

Normal service to be resumed in October....