Thursday, April 10, 2008

April meeting - what you missed

Much of last Monday's wefcpug meeting was conducted in a language that very few people on Earth (let alone in the meeting) can understand. No, I'm not referring to the brief demo of Automator that I ran (although some might beg to differ), but to the feature-length documentary that wefcpug member Jason Porthouse brought to show us, and talk about.

It's called Léif Lëtzebuerger and you can read all about it here. The most obvious comment to make is that the doc is in Luxembourgish, a language new to all of us in the meeting. Jason talked us through his workflow, which included new interview, rostrum stills, and copious archive footage from the 1940s back. Our thanks to Jason and to Grace productions for allowing us the sneak preview. We haven't finished with Jason though - he's agreed to talk again in a couple of months about the colour grading of the movie.

Lucky prize-winners took away a copy of the Quicktime guide to Automator (see blog below), Roxio's Popcorn and Freeway Express 4 from Softpress...we'll be printing reviews and comments at a later date. I've also got discount codes for Popcorn, and Freeway Express 5 - and, to come, Toast Titanium 9 - email me for details if you can't make the next meeting.

May's meeting is a week later than usual, because of the Bank Holiday Monday - so it'll be on Monday May 12th. Currently we're planning to make it a 'Small Screen Festival' focussing on video delivery to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other handheld devices. Several of us are interested/experienced but there's always room for new faces to present at the wefcpug - let me know if you've got summat to share.